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 Thanks for visiting the Art Of The Cake blog! Please check here for announcements and current information on courses. Classes are offered to pastry professionals, cake decorators, and amateur lovers of cake decorating and gum paste.

Gum Paste: Wedding Cake Flowers
Learn to make all the flowers necessary for your wedding cake needs, including roses, stephanotis, sweet peas, apple blossoms, pansies calla lilies, Casablanca or Stargazer lilies, ivy and all the appropriate leaves to make the flowers look more realistic. Classes for some of the more intricate flowers such as peonies, poppies, iris and orchids are also available.

Chocolate and Sugar Showpieces:
These classes will teach you the skills necessary to create spectacular showpieces made of chocolate or sugar. You will learn how to use poured, blown, bubble and rock sugar. You will also learn how to temper chocolate and create wonderful edible chocolate centerpieces.

Private Lessons tailored to your individual needs are also available.

25 Responses to “Welcome!”

  • Felix L. Colon Says:

    Ursula, you are one of the best Pastry Chefs in the United States. You are my mentor and I am going to follow your steps now. Congratulations in everything that has happened to you and thank you for being there all the time — from the bottom of my heart.

  • Cynthia Acosta Says:


  • Edward Wheeler Says:

    Hello, my name is Eddie and I am attending Eastern Maine Community College. Chef Mark Janicki is my professor and our home work was to look at your web site. Your cakes look great and I just wanted to say hello.

  • Kelly Houser Says:

    Wow. I heard about you in my Culinary class today and our assignment was to go online and look at your site. I must say I’m quite impressed. Your work is amazing.

  • Nancy Wentworth Says:

    Awesome sight..you gave some incentive to improve upon mine.

    Your cakes are fantastic. I just mastered piping roses……I can’t imagine how you did your flowers. They look so real!

    I could comment on so many of your cakes “Blue ribbon” is absolutely spectacular! After looking at it I was wondering how one would cut into it!

    Nice to see some truly creative work….I respect that.

    Good luck on your creative pursuit……and I will keep practicing my roses.

    Respectively yours,
    Nancy J. Wentworth

  • Joyce Lonsdale Says:

    We, my husband Howie and I, met your son Lex today. You must be very proud of him, as he is of you; he told us of your webpage.

    Lex has an outstanding reputation and we are so thankful to have met him and that he will help us out.

    God is good!

    Blessings, Joyce Lonsdale

  • Phoebe Donko-Hanson Says:

    Hi Chef. Your cakes are absolutely amazing. Can’t wait for the next class. I am also waiting for your next gumpaste class. See you soon 🙂

  • Brenda Bee Says:

    Thank you for the most beautiful and delicious wedding cake! You exceeded our expectations in every way! Our guests raved about it.

  • Cory Barrett Says:

    You have a fascinating artistic touch that is all your own. I love the diversity that you imply while constructing your cakes; I have never seen such a wide array of artistic style used by the same artist. You are truly on of the greats.

    Chef Cory Barrett

  • Anita Says:

    What an absolutely stunning collection of cakes you have here! Beautiful! What a shame to eat them! I’m already thinking about what I’d like to have on my cake and I don’t even have a partner! I’m only sorry that I wouldn’t be able to purchase one of yours since I’m up in Canada. You should open a bakery up here. Don’t deprive us folks north of the border! You are an amazing talent.

  • Laling Pangelinan Says:

    Your cakes are beautiful, I have a daughter name Ursula and she helps around my kitchen with my cakes. She is a 1st grade teacher- age 27 with two little boys. Iam hoping to one day take classes with professionals like you. I am a member of ICES and have been learning new thinks with books and etc. I live in Guam in the Pacific

  • Phil Says:


    Thanks for the great weekend of gumpaste instruction. I learned a lot and was very happy with the flower sprays that I took home. Everyone loved them. I am excited to use my new found talents in gumpaste on a cake in a few weeks. Thanks again for a great class.

  • Nicolas Flattes Says:


    It is wonderful to see how beautifully and expertly you have developed your art and craft over the years. You are an inspiration to us all to work harder and develop our talents. You have definitely moved beyond your instructor days at Newbury and gone into a new area of exploration and creativity. Congratulations on your success!!

  • Kara Buntin Says:

    Hi, Chef A! You might remember me or you might not…I was in a couple of your classes at Newbury about 6 years ago. Thanks to your instruction I now have my own cake business in Richmond, VA. However, your website has reminded me that I need to keep practicing, ha ha! Richmond’s tastes run to the more, shall we say, “traditional” type of cake, but I’m trying to change minds here. Thanks for the inspiration on your site. Now that I’ve found it I’ll keep peeking in to see what you’re up to!


  • Lisa and Jerry Ryan Says:

    Good-Day Ursula !

    It truly is a pleasure witnessing the growth of your knowledge and portfolio, both during … and SINCE our many fun days together as Chef Instructors, at Newbury College. I am continually amazed with the range of new and intricate detail that you’ve been able to master.

    As a former client, I would like everyone reading this guest book, to be aware of this VERY important (heretofore unmentioned), fact …
    “Your cakes TASTE as magnificently as they LOOK” !!!

    Kudos !! … CHEERS !! … Jerry Ryan

  • Sophia Kaloudis Says:

    I can say I remember you when!!! From the years you were at Headhouse Square making your delectable pastries to your magnificently decadent creations of today. You’ve come a long way baby!!! With much admiration to a wonderfully talented woman. BRAVO.

  • Barbara Johnson Says:

    Your web site is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and art. I am also a cake and sugar enthusiast and I am truly in awe of your beautiful work, talent and vision! Hope to make it to Boston to take a couse and see some of your art up close. Thanks again !

  • Alejandra Says:

    Estan bellisimos, su talento es una bendicion de Dios. Es ralmente fascinante ver lo hermoso de estos queques, que Dios siga bendiciendote a traves de tu talento.

  • Jean Says:

    Looking through your gallery is both very uplifting and terribly humbling! As ever, I am in awe of your incredible talent. Long may it thrive!

  • Dianne Says:

    What a magical, unique place to visit… a perfect match for your imaginative designs, an inspiration!

  • Mark Janicki Says:

    Your website is dramatic and elegant.The cakes are just so beautiful and the gallery has a real air of fantasy about it! Best of all their is a true uniqueness to your work, a signature style that truly makes it your art. Very appropriate name for your business I’d say!

  • Peter Says:

    The site looks great! Now I can show all my friends what my mom does for a living! I’m really glad that you didn’t become a fire fighter like you were thinking of doing.

    Maybe when I get the Crema site up and going we can exchange banners?


  • Andrea Lacerra Says:

    Ursula your website looks great!
    Now everyone can enjoy your works of art.

  • Jeanne Topham Says:

    Ursula, your sugar flowers are rivals to those that Mother Nature makes. And your cakes are stunning perfection!

    Nice to have someone of your caliber here in Boston to put us on the culinary map. And if you ever need a kitchen assistant to help so you can write a cake book, just call me!

  • Jeff M. Bengtson Says:

    I was hoping you would develop your own website. What a great way for others to see the great work you do.

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